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Has had back sight cut off. See pics. Nice stock, after market recoil pad. Spoon handle bolt, double set triggers, very good condition. Very nice walnut stock. Pachmayr recoil pa Good condition. Still has open sights, has 1 piece 25mm low rings.

Hard to find quality blued steel mount includes windage adju State: TAS. Buyer pays shipping State: QLD. Eddie McLaren Stowport Tas. Rifle is in good condition with a few handling marks in stock. Metal work h Plus post Stock needs a refurb. Missing back sight. Small chip out of timber near butt Comes with 6 shot magazine. State: WA. Beautiful condition comes with padded bag Heavy fluted barrel with " twist a See pics Brno Fox 2 Bolt in good condition.

What you see is what you get. In excellent cond. State: SA.JavaScript seems to be disabled in your browser. You must have JavaScript enabled in your browser to utilize the functionality of this website. Category of Bases and Rails contains all the items that are mounted directly on the rifle and are a middle part between the rifle and a scopes mount.

Uh...oops! Something Broke.

No matter what type of bases you are looking at, there is always one main dilemma that needs to be solved before placing an order. The one-piece rails that cover the entire lenght of the rifle action are easier to mount, more robust and offer better alignment between the front and rear ring. They are also lighter. When mounting is done by an experienced professional than the two piece bases can be a good alternative, however if you would like to mount the base yourself and if you are searching for the most reliable solutionwe have to recommend the one-piece mounting rails.

Picatinny rail standard is becoming the most popular mounting solution on the market and we presume that this trend will prevail in the future. Show more.It also made other products and tools, such as typewriters and early computers.

InZbrojovka started making tractorswhich it branded " Zetor " "Z-tractor". Zetor continues to make tractors in Brno. The firm was established in after the foundation of Czechoslovakia. Zbrojovka built cars and light commercial vehicles with two-stroke engines. The first model was the Disk, which was a two-door light car with a four-cylinder, cc, 10 horsepower 7. InZbrojovka introduced the Z 4again with a two-cylinder engine.

Zbrojovka ceased production of the Z4 and Z5 in and the Z6 in After the Second World War the company concentrated its vehicle manufacturing on tractors. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Zbrojovka Brno, s. For the football club, see FC Zbrojovka Brno. Retrieved September 22, Categories : establishments in Czechoslovakia Car manufacturers of the Czech Republic Firearm manufacturers of the Czech Republic History of Brno Vehicle manufacturing companies established in Manufacturing companies of the Czech Republic Motor vehicle manufacturers of Czechoslovakia Motor vehicle company stubs Firearms stubs Czech company stubs.

Namespaces Article Talk. Views Read Edit View history. In other projects Wikimedia Commons. By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. Private limited company. BrnoCzech Republic. Wikimedia Commons has media related to Zbrojovka Brno. This article about an automotive industry corporation or company is a stub. You can help Wikipedia by expanding it. This firearms -related article is a stub. This article on a Czech company is a stub.Posted: Sun Jan 18, pm.

I have an over and under that my dad bought new in Czeck years ago. Both are 12 gauge sets. One has swivels on it, and the other does not. I can't find a value for the extra barrels but this seems to be the gun. They called them the series so it includes the you mentioned. ZH Series over and unders are unique in that they permit 8 different interchangeable barrels including rifle and shotgun sets, interrupter on double trigger, blue action, engraved, diamond checkered walnut. Imported ZH6x52R x 12 ga.

ZH6x50R Mag. ZH. ZH7x65R x 12 ga. ZH8x57JRS x 12 ga. ZH7x57R x 16 ga. ZH7x65R x 16 ga. It does have double triggers, and the other features you described. Are those values with all 8 sets of barrels? I didnt think it was worth that much new. It is in very good to excellent shape. Thanks for the info. If anyone wants to add anything about this gun please do. Are they generally a good gun?

Any problems with them? No, I don't believe that included all eight sets of barrels. If he bought it overseas, there would have been a lot of middlemen making money eliminated from the equation.

Did he buy it in the timeframe listed? Or maybe prior to importation? I was quite young at the time, so id say he bought it right around Yup, my mother just confirmed ' Thanks very much!

brno zh 303

Ill go get some numbers off of an old SxS he has and "test" you again!! There are probably some other goodies over there as well.

Always up for a test. I'll start studying now. Posted: Mon Jan 19, pm. The Brno ZH series used to be sold here in Canada for many years.Puska je u odlicnom stanju.

brno zh 303

Samo licima sa dokumentom za nabavku ovog tipa vatrenog oruzja komb puska. Moguca zamena za italijanski poluautomat Beneli, Berreta, Fabarm. Brno zh kal. Sve funkcionise kao prvog dana. Malo je koriscena, nigde nema luftova.

Za informacije zvati Rajko. Samo licima sa odobrenjem za nabavku. Kontakt tel. Prodajem kombinovanu lovacku pusku Zbrojovka Brnodva para cevi i nosac za optiku. ZH kalibar 7. Puska u dobrom stanju, za sve ostale informacije poziv. Vrhunsko stanje, kao nova. Takoreci nekoriscena. Obavezna nabavna dozvola. Moguc dogovor. Zastava M85 ; Kalibar 16 a druga rezervna cev je kalibar 12 i 7,57 R. U dosta dobrom stanju. Zvati na telefon Milan. Malokalibarska puska Zbrojovka- Brno cal.

Bokerica je koriscena u lovu samo dva puta, a malokalibarski karabin je koriscen samo prilikom upucavanja poptickog nisana. Magnum osvnovan Tip rezultata. Oglasi Prodavnice 3. Sport i rekreacija Opseg cena RSD. Min cena.

brno zh 303

Objavljeno u proteklih. Prati cenu. Sport i rekreacija. Nosac optike Brno ZH f25,4mm. Brno zh Brno ZH i ZH Na prodaju Brno ZH komb. Nosac optike svenk Ruslan f Nije potrebno kreiranje naloga.Posted: Sun Apr 19, pm. Thinking about getting it as sort of a curiosity but also to use now and then since it has been maked way down and I have card points that would make it virtually free. At any rate they are totally unique. I think I would get as much value out of talking about it at the range as I would shooting.

They seem to be somewhat common in Canada but not imported to the USA. Anybody have anything to share on this? Thanks in advance for your reply. Posted: Mon Apr 20, pm. I bought one pair of them in the late 's, sold them, then replaced thenm later in the mid 's, then sold those in the 's Both times they were, a ZH Skeet and a ZH Trap; although they were called "Trap" they were more like a 30" bbl heavy field gun.

Zbrojovka Brno introduced the basic design in They fadded away in the 's when the Czechs switched over to a free market, I can't recall the exact year. My biggest concern would be obtaining parts.

They have an odd arangement, front trigger only fires the top barrel, the back trigger is a single, non-selective that fires the bottom barrel first, second pull fires the top. They have extractor, not ejectors. The ZH and are usually full choke, the ZH is skeet choked, they all patterned very well for me, for their intended uses. The design is very solid, they were produced when the east bloc was not concerned about manufacturing costs.

Like some other east bloc products of the time, the ZH series ergonomics were a bit "odd" to many North American tastes. First of all, Claydust rocks! I searched out one of his old posts to figure out how to take down the barrels on the that I bought recently. I then learned from this post that the rear trigger will fire both barrels. Thanks, Claydust! I haven't shot the thing yet, but agree that the design is very different from most of the guns at the range.

The folks at BRNO have a great reputation for both metallurgy and craftsmanship. The I bought is a little worn on the bluing, but it locks up like a trap if I'm not careful closing it; like some guns, the action is spring-assisted upon closing. The triggers have a modest amount of takeup, but let go crisply enough at the release point.

In addition to the solid lockup, I was most happy with the fact that the Teutonic cheekpiece seemed to be a natural fit for me. We'll see if that turns out to be true or not.

It's also a gun with good heft, so I'm hoping I can give my lighter Remington 31's the summer off from the trap line. Can't wait to try it out! Posted: Tue Apr 21, am. One other thing. The rear trigger is very simple and reliable.Remember Me?

What's New? Forum Gunboards. Results 1 to 6 of 6. A friend of mine has this gun, and it is in very fine condition. I know a few guys that use necked down Br brass for mild handloads, s at fps, for this cartridge, and brass lasts forever. Standard 7X57 dies are used for loading ammo. It has been suggested that standard 7X57 brass can also be used for loading, with the caveat that a cleaning rod must be used to eject the fired rounds.

Anyone here know if this is the case? Join Date Apr Posts The 7x57r heads spaces on the rim the standard 7x57 rimless head spaces on it's shoulder!!!! The 7x57 r ammo is easy to find and there no reason to use British or the rimless 7x By the way, you are very lucky to say the lease in not have damaged ths very nice Brno combination shotgun rifle.

I would not want to be any near you when you fire rimless ammo in this gun! Of course I am quite familiar with the different headspacing methods, and certainly understand the hazards involved in firing situations where excessive headspace exists. However just because a cartridge is designed to be headspaced in one manner, does not mean that cannot be effected in another. Many wildcat cartridges are formed in this manner. As well, prudent handloaders resize belted and rimmed cartridges to headspace on the shoulder all the time to minimize case stretch, and thereby increase case life.

Likewise rimless cartridges are best to be not full-length sized every time for the same reason.

Broková kozlice ZH 301

So, again my question is does anyone know of anyone using the rimless 7X57 case in the 7X57R? Checking the cartridge specifications it is obvious that the rimless case is essentially the same distance from the base to the shoulder as the rimmed case, less than.

That is well withing headspace tolerances of factory ammo that is fired every day. BTW, I have personally reloaded and used a lot of 8X57R cases formed from Marlin brass, and in sizing them adjusted the sizing die to size the case to a crush fit on the shoulder, not on the rim. Presto, perfectly-headspced cases on the very first shot. Thanks again, Ted. Sponsored Links Remove Advertisements. Is your a "ZH" or a "ZH" I ask because I have an almost new combination, but with Mismatched number Barrel and receiver blocks The Fact is the 7x57R is loaded to suit the thinner barrels and "weaker" actions of Combination guns, so I would NOT use 7x57 Rimless ammo in it The rimless is made for Bolt action guns, and probably at a Higher operating Pressure as well.

In any case, you have one good Gun for Deer, smaller varmints, and Bird shooting