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Warning Your browser version is unsupported. Please update for best experience. Trading hours have changed. Check latest. Our trading hours are a bit different than usual. Filming Made Quick and Simple Once the smartphone is mounted on the MOZA Mini-S, the no-tool adjustment algorithm can quickly set up the gimbal and balance the 3 axes without much intervention, saving you time and effort for filmmaking activities. Hand controls Many features packed into the MOZA Mini-S smartphone gimbal include one-button zoom, focus control and quick look-back playback to facilitate and simplify the operations even further.

Switch modes with ease Using the handle to control the camera of your phone and being able to switch from landscape to portrait mode for live streaming adds to the smooth, simple operation and design of the MOZA Mini-S. You can easily customize your creative filming style and create smooth and stable videos, making your footage individual to your imagination.

This smart and compact outline offers a comfortable handheld experience and eliminates worry of your grip slipping. JB Hi-Fi's privacy policy specifies how we will handle your personal information and other information required to be disclosed to you under the Privacy Act. Please read this policy before providing any personal information to us.

MOZA Mini-S 3-Axis Smartphone Gimbal

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Please try again. Cart icon Added!MOZA Mini-S is a 3-axis smartphone gimbal that is compact, flexible and packed with lots of features. It comes with a foldable design that makes it easy to carry. The cost of the Gimbal makes it even more interesting. Recently I started using it to see how well it performs. It also comes with a carry pouch. You can fold the Gimbal to put it inside the pouch. Weight is just grams and it can handle a smartphone of up to grams.

As per official documents, it supports smartphones of width mm. That means you can use it with any of the smartphones available in the market. The Gimbal comes with some control buttons that let you control your smartphone without any problem. Control buttons include buttons for recording, playback, movement of camera and zoom. There is a joystick control for camera angle movement. It will take some time for you to adjust but you will soon learn.

moza mini-s

There is also a battery level indicator at the front located below the control buttons. It has three LED lights. When it is charging, it shows a red light.

When charging is complete, the red light will off. A zoom rocker is located on the right side that lets you adjust the zoom of the camera. You need a long press on the power button to turn it on or off. The single press put it on sleep or wake. It has a trigger button at the back. You should refer to the manual to understand how to use these buttons.

The bottom side has a screw where you can attach a tripod. The tripod is included within the box. The Gimbal holds your phone with a spring-loaded clamp.

It uses sensors and motors to adjust the operator movements in real time and keeps your videos steady even if you are walking. I tried it for recording videos and the result was really good. I tested it with a phone that lacks OIS. There is a companion app for both Android and iOS that uses Bluetooth connection to pair with the Gimbal. Then you can use this app to use all of the features available on Gimbal. The app lets you choose from different video resolution to shoot.

It comes with many shooting modes including hyper-lapse, slow motion, Inception, sports gear mode, vertigo and many. You can choose any of these and shot smooth and stable videos. Controlling the camera angle on Moza Mini-S using the joystick control takes a little practice. Along with joystick, there are few more buttons. You can read the manual to understand how to use different control buttons to control different things. In a few days, you will be an expert on all these things. You can move camera angle using a joystick, switch from the rear camera to front camera, change shooting mode or play a video in the gallery using the control buttons.

The Moza Mini-S does an excellent job in smoothing out videos and keeping your camera steady. So, you can be more creative and record some excellent videos.Following my review of the DJI Osmo Mobile 3, a couple of readers notified me that I was wrong to call it the first foldable gimbal. They do a perfectly good job of stabilizing video, but tend to lack the finesse and build quality found in DJI and Zhiyun gimbals.

So does the Moza Mini S buckle the trend or is it another gimbal that falls short of the competition? Out of the rather unremarkable box, the Moza Mini-S failed to impress me with its plasticky build. Phone gimbals are almost always made from plastic, but the Mini-S felt extra cheap, partly because of the hollow hand grip which looked ready to split open at any moment.

The standout feature of the Mini-S is obviously its ability to fold up. Folded up, it is only 5. To put things into perspective, your average non-foldable smartphone gimbal are over twice as long as an iPhone XS Max. This makes it much easier to fit into a small bag or backpack. Other than that its features are fairly standard. A joystick to electronically pan and tilt the camera, various other controls including focus control and a multi-function rear trigger and a quarter-inch mounting hole.

It would have definitely been a nice touch and something to differentiate itself from the competition, but my guess is that it compromised the resilience of the gimbal too much the last thing you want is your phone dropping into the ocean because of a snapping selfie stick.

The sport gear mode simply maxes out the speed of the motors, meaning it follows panning movements much faster. The Mini-S has good compatibility with iPhone and Android devices, which can be mounted by simply pulling apart the spring loaded clamps and sliding them in.

The clamp can accommodate any phone with a width ranging from m, so it can handle larger phones like the iPhone 8 Plus and Huawei P10 Plus. The Moza Genie companion app lets you pair the gimbal to your phone over Bluetooth and perform things like advanced calibration as well as take panoramas, hyperlapses and more.

Despite Moza being one of the bigger players in the gimbal market, the Genie app feels unpolished. While the iOS app is mostly free from issues, the Android version has various issues with zooming, object tracking and occasionally crashes unexpectedly.

Gudsen Moza Mini-S review

Second, switching between portrait and landscape mode requires you to physically flip the mount, whereas on the Osmo Mobile 3 it is a simple case of double tapping the M button. My review might seem somewhat harsh towards the Moza Mini-S. It is objectively better than the likes of the older DJI Osmo Mobile 2 which I was full of praise of back at its release. However its poor build quality, buggy app and short battery life make it difficult to depend on for more serious mobile filmmakers. I now live in Santa Barbara, California but spent several years across parts of South America working as a journalist with my trusty old Nikon D Folded size Great choice for travel, holiday, party or fashional gift!

Maximum payload 9. Lower price yet high-end hardware, especially for shooting beginners!The MOZA Mini-S is a new 3-axis smartphone gimbal designed to be flexible, compact, user-friendly and packed with features. The Mini-S has a foldable design that can alos be extended into fully stabilized selfie stick. Designed to be flexible, compact and user-friendly but packed with features included in the Mini-series gimbal line up, the MOZA Mini-S simplifies your filming experience with less time spent on setup and more time for your creative production while on the go.

Foldable for easy carrying and storage, the MOZA Mini-S' simplified design with no tool adjustment, one-button zoom, focus control, and quick playback simplifies your filming experience with less time on setup and more freedom on the go. The compact hand-held MOZA Mini-S is quickly turned into a fully stabilized selfie stick, yet the extremely foldable design allows for easy hassle free transportation. The MOZA Mini-S can be extended to 18 inches, giving you a perfect vantage point to capture those precious moments, e.

The MOZA Mini-S gets to the heart of usability and simplicity while maintaining its goal for a user-friendly and versatile experience. Along with an ergonomic design, you can enjoy the convenience of a hassle-free set-up and indulge more time on your filming. Additional features like short-cut buttons and quick replay, simplify the operation while useful functions such as vertical photography and camera control allow you to diversify your mobile filming style and adapt to different scenarios.

The MOZA Mini-S also boasts various cool shooting modes, including hyper-lapse mode, slow-motion mode, inception mode, sport gear mode and vertigo mode etc. These additional modes help compliment the tools and ability to capture steady, smooth and cinematic footage while enhancing your own style with unique effects.

A stunning 3-axis-based gimbal with multiple following modes makes sure each and every motion or object, fast or slow, will be tracked, captured and recorded. This smart and compact outline offers a comfortable handholding experience and eliminates worry of your grip slipping. In addition to the black color option, white has been added to the lineup offering a fresher and cooler alternative to match your individualistic style.

Gudsen is an innovative video-making equipment provider specializing in creating high-tech camera stabilizers and accessories and offering effective stabilization solution for the videography industry.


We have successfully launched several impressive MOZA 3-Axis handheld camera stabilizers with advanced technologies that can support a wide range of cameras from small-sized action camera to professional large-sized cinema cameras. Contact Email Newsletter. Latest Reviews Popular Reviews. Share Tweet Comment.The Moza Mini-S is a 3-axis gimbal stabiliser for your smartphone.

moza mini-s

It features a foldable design that makes it more compact and easier to store than other smartphone gimbals and can be used with both iPhones and Android devices. The Gudsen Moza Mini-S can support a maximum payload of g and phones ranging from mm wide, which makes it suitable just about any smartphone. When folded down it measures 5. To put this into perspective, when folded down the Moza Mini-S is only slightly longer than your smartphone itself. It charges via USB-C in an hour and a half.

Alternatively, you can use the phone camera control cable that comes in the box. Because of this I had concerns about its foldable design and rigidness of parts involved in that operation. Those concerns were quickly put to rest though. First, pull down the switch that locks it in place see above. Then, loosening the smartphone cradle which grips the handle of the unit, pivot cradle away to one side and you can then rotate the top arm down. Next simply rotate the main arm clockwise and everything snaps into place.

Folding it back down is simply the reversal of this process: rotate the main arm counter-clockwise and reattach the cradle around the base. Another nice design touch is the phone cradle, which you can switch from landscape to portrait mode, which you can do by holding the handle and rotating the phone 90 degrees clockwise to go to vertical mode or counterclockwise to go back to horizontal. Though it is plastic, the grip feels pretty solid.

I gave it a good squeeze, and nothing moves or rattles. On the front of Mini-S grip are your joystick for moving the gimbal, the Operation and Playback buttons, Photo button in the centre and the battery level indicator. On the sides are your focus controls, Power button, gimbal lock and charging port. And on the back is the trigger. The joystick in particular I found very responsive and easy to use. Unlike the manual for its older sibling, the Moza Air 2, the Moza Mini-S instruction manual is very simple and lays out the operations in a colour-coded, straightforward manner.

A quick read before I set out, and I was ready to go. Simply pry the cradle apart, slot your phone in, and it grips the smartphone tightly and securely.

The trigger has multiple purposes. Double-pressing it will re-centre the gimbal. Pressing once and holding it switches the Moza Mini-S to tilt follow mode and double-pressing and holding switches to all locked. Pressing the down button two and three times cycles between Sports Gear and Inception modes, respectively.

You can set the roll follow function by pressing the left button. The centre button starts and stops recording in video mode, and pressing it twice takes still photos. Press the right button twice to start and stop Timelapse mode. There are more modes and button combinations spelled out in the instruction manual. You can enable this within the function menu and an icon will appear on the side display.

Overall I found the Moza Mini-S simple to use and quick to set up.As you can see, almost everyone is becoming a filmmaker these days but though most footage are amateurish and horrible. The fact that smartphone makers have invested so much into packing great camera sensors with powerful software processing into their smartphones have made these portable devices very important photography tools we can quickly come to pick up anytime, anywhere.

Be it vlogging or a complete mobile filmmaking, the need for basic tools like lens, tripods and microphone is undisputed but what about a camera stabilizer, a Gimbal? One big problem is that there are tons of Gimbals out there today and many companies are trying out the industry but Gudsen, the company that made the Moza Mini-S essentially build filmmaking tools and equipment just like this one. Aside this, other things I noticed on my own review unit of the Moza Mini-S includes the durability as well as battery strength which is really outstanding compared to others in the industry.

Speaking on what sets the Moza Mini-S aside, the design is definitely what comes to mind. The fact that the likes of the Zhiyun Smooth 4 is so large and would definitely require a carry-case in order to transport it from place to places makes the Moza Mini-S a really compact device when folded into half.

One thing I noticed from the first day I interacted with the gimbal includes some of its strength and limitations. Another nice thing is that the buttons are well located at the right locations which makes it easy for you to quickly locate which one you want to use and then activate.

The back is where the trigger button is located. The trigger button can function in multiple ways just the same way almost all the buttons on the gimbal has multiple functions which is what makes understanding the gimbal a little bit complicated. Another big plus is that the motor of the gimbal is designed to withdraw a little backward rather than being an hindrance just as in the case of the Zhiyun Smooth 4 or the Xiaomi Mijia gimbal or even the AFI V5 smartphone gimbal from KingJoy.

Overall, the Moza Mini-S feels very sturdy an premium when held. But the fact that it balances smartphones because there is no motor hinderance stopping the shift between right and left makes installing your smartphone very fast and quick. As for color, the Moza Mini-S comes in two different colors which includes black that is mainstream and then a white color which I barely found on any store on earth.

Maybe Gudsen made the white for aliens because they looked better and more premium. Overall, the Moza Mini-S build quality is very premium and it feels very great when held. First of all, I tried it with the native mobile camera application and it worked just had to do the control by myself while touching the screen during actions but then comes in the Moza Genie mobile application which is meant to control the device without touching your smartphone but interact through your gimbal control buttons.

Out of the box, the Moza Mini-S included a control cable which can be used to connect both the gimbal and smartphones together without the need for a bluetooth activation. Also the Moza Genie app crashed mid-usage on two different occasions and I could only imagine if I was filming a live event and such happened.

But that is issue with the software.

moza mini-s

One can always switch to professional filming applications. Talking about the hardware, the Motors are great but sometimes, the gimbal goes haywire which would require resetting it back to the original state. Also while trying to shoot from low angles, the motors would collide sometimes causing it to vibrate which might alter the smoothness of the footage and that would annoy me sometimes until mastered to never get to the extreme which is where the DJI Osmo Mobile 3 excels because of the design which is takes the side approach rather than the back approach on the Moza Mini-S.

And of course the gimbal comes with a small booklet manual that has a list of instructions that you can read to have a better understanding of how things work.

We got our units from China and so it was difficult to read. The Moza Mini-S is a truly great smartphone gimbal with lots of features that makes it a professional fillmmaking gadget that anyone should own meanwhile it has its pros and cons which almost all devices on earth have. The quality of the Moza Mini-S is also one important feature that makes it outstanding and then the price tag is another thing on the other hand.

One of the first foldable smartphone gimbal in with ease of use and powerful control system. Bluedio makes varieties of audio devices ranging from True Wireless Earbuds to over-ear headphones and the company seems to be respected in the game for quite a while. Today, I'll Home Reviews. Get all the latest about tech trends in your mailbox every morning. You may unsubscribe at any time.The Moza Mini-S is a small, lightweight, low budget smartphone gimbal that folds neatly in half.

While I am a reluctant gimbal user, I do see the value in having a good gimbal in my kit. These popular hand held smartphone gimbals take up quite a bit of space to carry. I often like to venture out with minimal gear in a small bag. The Moza Mini-S is perfect for this. The Gudsen Moza Mini-S is a smartphone gimbal that folds neatly in half when not in use, making it extremely compact.

I have seen a few other folding smartphone gimbals pop up in the past few months, indicating this is both a trend, and a good idea. Anyway, back to the Moza Mini-S. The Moza Mini-S features motors with impressive torque for a gimbal of this size. The phone can simply be shifted sideways until it balances correctly. This is an excellent design feature and a big plus point over all the larger smartphone gimbals I have. None of which can balance an external lens or filter without a separate counterbalance.

Anyone will be able to balance a phone on it easily by making slight adjustments to the position until it no longer wants to fall over. The motors have sufficient power to hold a slight imbalance, and a self calibrating algorithm easily automates motor settings internally without any user input. All in all, the Moza Mini-S can be set up, and ready to use in 30 seconds. All I really want from a gimbal like this is simple, smooth, reliable stabilization and the ability to change the follow mode for each, or all axis.

This can all be done directly from the handle of the Moza Mini-S. The joystick also allows the camera to be positioned as needed. The phone does hit the arm of the gimbal if you dip too low when using it in flashlight mode. I like to have the option of attaching the gimbal to a monopod for jib shots, but this physical limitation makes it impossible to achieve a jib movement starting from a position below horizontal.

It is possible to shift the phone higher in the holder to avoid the collision, but then it may no longer be balanced. What stands out to me is just how fast and easy it is to set up and balance, and the strength of the motors.

I have a feeling it will stay in my kit for quite some time. It handles them no problem. Email Address:. Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed. Toggle navigation.